Binance Launches Sensei – AI Chatbot for Binance Academy

Binance Releases Sensei, an AI-powered Chatbot for Binance Academy

Binance, the cryptocurrency exchange, has unveiled their latest feature – an AI-powered chatbot. The chatbot, called Sensei, functions to assist users in accessing the educational content found on Binance Academy, the company’s platform for blockchain education.

Sensei’s Functionality

Through Sensei, users will now be able to access the relevant educational material quicker than ever before. To invoke Sensei, users only need to click on the robot icon found on the bottom right corner of their Binance Academy pages. Following a prompt, Sensei will then provide an AI-generated summary on the user’s inquiry and send links to three articles that could provide further detail.

About ChatGPT and AI in Binance

The system employs ChatGPT and AI tools, which were previously hinted at by Binance owner Changpeng Zhao in March this year, for customer service and compliance matters. Furthermore, Binance has a non-fungible token art service called Bicasso. While Sensei is hosted in the US, the company’s headquarters are based in Malta, and it has been dealing with charges imposed by US regulators over a variety of issues.

Binance Faces Criticism from Authorities

The AI and GPT-based chatbot, alongside other AI-based tools that have recently been incorporated into Binance’s services could potentially attract unnecessary questioning or criticism from authorities. In the regards of charges dogging Binance by US regulators over information provided on user activity or information, inappropriate use of information via AI-based bots could lead to even more serious repercussions.

Binance commented specifically on such concerns, stating that the chatbot and other services can only refer to published educational content that is truly neutral and factual.

[h/t Mike Dalton]