Visa Seeks Engineers with AI Tool Experience to Work with Blockchain

Visa Looking for AI-Savvy Engineers to Work with Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies

Visa is looking to hire a software engineer to work with blockchain smart contracts via artificial intelligence (AI) tools designed to tap AI’s ability to improve overall blockchain development. This was revealed in a tweet by one of the firm’s executives, who expressed keen interest in employing software engineers who had experience with Github Copilot and other AI-assisted engineering tools to work with smart contracts.

AI tool under test

Github Copilot is an AI-powered programming tool that is able to suggest code to the user’s code editor based on natural language prompts. The testing of GitHub Copilot tool is getting mixed results from those trying it. Some users have reported success in using this tool to redo or reconfigure the smart contract code with ease, while others complain about data leaking in the security mechanism of the tool.

Concentrating on public blockchains

For Visa, such a hire means exploring opportunities to  drive the adoption of the rapidly expanding rate of public blockchains, driven by projects from Ethereum to Binance. Furthermore, Visa is one of the many that is working towards using stablecoins to power business operations, deploying such initiatives around the first quarter of the year. Visa’s rivals, from Mastercard to Citi, have all introduced payment product plans.

Visa is happy enough with its forays into crypto that it said in February this year that it’s doubling-down on decentralized security programs, so as not to marginalize its work exploring this industry. Visa is already live testing of USDC transactions on ethereum in the open using the exchange’s network. The company is also aligned with companies like, Binance, and Coinbase by providing basic financial services in cryptocurrency.
[h/t Mike Dalton]