“Can NFT Art Help Fight Climate Change?”

Rhapsody Curated Teams Up With Leading Photographers to Create NFT Art For Cause Against Climate Change

Fine art photographers Yann Arthus-Bertrand, Nicolas Henry, and Namsa Leuba are joining European NFT photography platform Rhapsody Curated to support the crusade against climate change. The works of these artists will be minted using blockchain technology to enable it to reach more people supporting a cause where a majority of proceeds will go to a charity that promotes awareness on climate change-through photography. Over 50% of the funds will go to Photoclimat, a French organization, and the rest will go to Rhapsody Curated. 

All collections are tested on the Ethereum blockchain, known for its earth-friendly reputation, having reduced the energy use that powers the network to 99.99%. With each collection priced from 2 ETH to 8 ETH, residents from all over the world can now find the opportunity to make donations to the cause by purchasing these beautiful pieces of art that feature the impact of the Western gaze on African identity or explore the complexities of human existence.

Photoclimat, co-founded by media personality Nicolas Hulot, is geared to build awareness about our planet through images in public spaces at their annual event, Photoquai. These events ignite a support system for green solutions and raise awareness; this platform has performed exceptionally well in the past, attracting millions of visitors. This collaboration aims to reach more people through blockchain technology, making it possible to spread the word around the world.

In a Significance Study, cryptocurrency contribute massively to the increasing amount of energy consumption globally, and this partnership on Rhapsody supported by the world’s top photographers and an eco-friendly NFT solution. This solution symbolizes moving one essential element forward, backed up by photoreceptors engaging designers, hobbyists, passionate patrons, collectors, and connoisseurs.

Ethereum enables photoreceptors and blockchain obsessed interests to engage builders of everyday things.
[h/t Sander Lutz]