“Consensus 2023: Crypto Industry’s Thorniest Challenges Addressed in Intimate Discussions”

This week in Austin, Texas, industry leaders from around the world are gathering for one of the digital asset community’s most significant events, the annual Consensus conference. Along with some of the biggest celebrities, some of the most critical conversations will be taking place offstage in a series of individual roundtables. These intimate discussions, dubbed “charrettes,” cover various signals and provide solutions on rough challenges that the crypto industry is currently facing.

The Discussions

The charrettes will address various issues requiring solutions, which include protecting the privacy rights of users while furthering the goals of law enforcement and regulators, providing both individual empowerment and social inclusion, using climate technology within and outside the industry, and building and governing new forms of digital communities. Contributors to the discussion groups will include senior individuals from Investors, Government officials, developers, non-profits, entrepreneurs, and other interested parties.

The charrettes are styled in such a manner as to offer a secure location for participants whose statements could make their institutions uneasy. The Chatham House rule will govern twelve group discussions, meaning their deliberations will be publically dispatched without attribution. According to tradition and CoinDesk, the events will be deliberately placed offstage to abide by this tenet.

Four discussions thread the following course; Brainstorms, will be held in a Town Hall format, characterized by speakers invited to lead conversations. Convenings is a hybrid-concept format combining roundtable discussions with interactive debates. CoinDesk staff members will attend each group discussion, intercept the takeaway and add depth to the planned June 5th’s Consensus @ Consensus Report, the group’s blended product..

The crypto industry has faced ancient economic, political, and tech changes, and joining frank contributions, constructive, and multi-stakeholder discussions to imagine best outcomes for 2023 will fashion both a loyal community and appropriate decisions, fostering collective co-operation made in global humankind’s pluses.

The 11 Focus Areas and Questions Put Forward in Each

How Does Crypto Improve its Image?
What, if anything, can be created to ensure the crypto industry holds favor in moving individuals from fast-buck growth towards robust, stable investment opportunities? Is a new image achievable without sacrificing anonymity that centralized systems cannot offer?

The Digital Future of Public Money
Ma]rkets around the world are ready to explore central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). Critical inquiries on privacy, interoperable concerns, global standards, the private variant, and how inclusion may morph.

The Quest for a Global Regulatory Framework
Can consensus be created around global cryptocurrency regulations that include uniform migration enforcement to ensure greater responsibility for legal technologies?

Privacy, Transparency and Law Enforcement: Where is the Path to Equilibrium?
Crypto daily operation participants want as limited accessibility as possible. Nonetheless, peacekeeping alters from minute amounts exposure has its dilemma. Will it ever be able to coexist?

No More FTXs: Finding the Right Tech and Policies for Self-Custody to Go Mainstream
The centralization of digital-exchanges is hazardous. Creating effective guardrails without undermining enabling attributes of cryptocurrencies. Is it possible to reinvent policies?

Can (and Should) DeFi Defy the Regulators?
The regulated status of conventional middlemen causing federal junctures that fielding DeFi have an unexpected consequence. For DeFi to hang on statutory model or abide by traditional standards. Is it likely?

Brainstorm: Grassroots Innovation: Realizing Crypto’s Empowerment Promise for Social Inclusion
People worldwide could make valuable use of locally-oriented blockchain software/technology apps, which falls apart to vast bureaucracies’ lack of attention. Can the management tend more to this notion and lend updates to people who bring appropriate resources to community venture?

The Future of Crypto Media in the Age of AI and Web3
How can we create sustainable ways in the industry to clarify burteful from frivolous actions to keep practices maintained over current technical obstacles? The convincing arguments coming from creating enhanced digital tools and implementing decentralized markets passed along with discussions between industries.
[h/t Marc Hochstein]