“Blockchain Association CEO on the State of Crypto Regulation”

The Blockchain Association CEO, Kristin Smith, discusses the current state of crypto regulation in the US with CoinDesk ahead of Consensus 2023.

Gaining Regulatory Clarity

After years of demanding regulatory clarity, a coordinated effort among various U.S. government agencies has led to an increased focus on how to treat the crypto industry. Blockchain Association CEO, Kristin Smith, has taken a proactive role in dealing with the issue by investigating claims pertaining to launching a tipline for industry participants to share stories. The association is committed to discovering the truth about this matter.

The Way Forward

While industry members may have to wait for 18-22 months or more to see real progress, now is an opportune time to continue the campaign to educate and lay the foundation for a strong future. Policymaker education remains crucial, and the Blockchain Association’s top priority for engaging with policymakers in Washington is to mitigate their sometimes inaccurate views of the crypto industry.

Crypto in Politics

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s adoption of the term “anti-crypto”, indicates her critical views of the space in the upcoming election cycle. However, her opinions are inconsistent with the mainstream and within the democratic party. Advocates of the crypto industry are fighting back through education and supporting Presidential candidates that are pro-crypto.

Changes from a Proactive CEO

As the CEO of the Blockchain Association working on promoting regulation towards the Crypto Industry, I believe that greater acceptance will come nationwide as more people become knowledgeable about it. It is vital that we discuss its policies and the future of crypto beyond its different forms.
[h/t Daniel Kuhn]