“Recent Crypto News: Ethiopia Adopts Cardano”

Mark Rizzn Hopkins Reports on Recent Crypto News

Here’s some recent crypto news you may have missed:


Bitcoin was in the news an hour ago with a two-minute read on the latest events. Unfortunately, the article didn’t reveal the source of the information.


A different report by an unknown source came out 23 hours ago containing a three-minute read that covered Ethereum news. The article claimed that Vitalik Buterin, the co-founder of Ethereum blockchain, is predicted to become the world’s youngest crypto billionaire.


Tether, a cryptocurrency that’s pegged to the U.S. dollar, had an update three days ago. According to the news that only took a minute to read, Tether Treasury printed over 2 billion USDT. However, the source of the information is unknown.


Cardano made the headlines a week ago with a two-minute read stating that Ethiopia was adopting the Cardano cryptocurrency for their agritech sector. However, again, the article doesn’t reveal any sources beyond IOHK officials, according to the article.


Ripple also hit the news two weeks prior with a brief article equating a “new taproot update as bringing additional security and privacy benefits to XRP”. As usual, Ripple provided the press release for this read.


Just one day ago, Solana had a one-minute brief covering its key differentiations by an unknown author.


Dogecoin also made a headline for a brief two minutes read just six days ago. Benzinga Money reportedly predicted that Dogecoin would go up over the next ten years.


Another unknown author provided only one minute with the latest Polkadot news four weeks ago. It covered Polkadot partnership with DeBio.


Avalanche hit the headlines for a two-minute brief a week ago, claiming AVAX could soon reach $100 in the markets. Unfortunately, it’s another unknown author here.

[h/t James Van Straten]