Unknown Parties Spread False Rumors of CCP Ties for Binance CEO

Unknown Actors Spreading False Rumors of Chinese Communist Party Ties For Binance CEO

Unknown parties are spreading false information on the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, being linked to the Chinese Communist Party. Reports indicate that these unknown entities used a fake page to source some information and spread the rumors. Various congressional offices also received the false information and consequently, inquired from Binance about Zhao’s ties to the CCP. The evidence is from a conversation obtained via ChatGPT.

ChatGPT cited two URLs as evidence of the allegations, which have been debunked as fake. Zhao’s official LinkedIn profile does not match the information from ChatGPT. Moreover, his actual profile does not show any record of Zhao working for CNPC, as claimed by ChatGPT. Binance has previously denied similar accusations of having ties to the Chinese government.

Today’s incident, however, is unique because it is challenging the authenticity of artificial intelligence (AI) programs. Hillman had to make known that bad actors, when given AI access, will utilize the technological advancements for their negative purposes, which Binance acknowledges also. It is meaningful code and program typing to ensure the authenticity of obtained information.

In today’s AI world, there are inconsistencies in the data and information obtained through different tools and methods leading to confusion among end-users who deal with the analysis of the same data. Not all information obtained is free of errors or flawlessness.
[h/t Mike Dalton]